TD EasyWeb: Is it Worth Trying Out?

TD Canada Trust, which goes by just TD these days, is the commercial banking arm of the popular Toronto-Dominion Bank. The current TD Canada Trust division was created when TD acquired Canada Trust two decades ago. Most of the existing accounts (and all new) are issued by TD Bank (Institution Number: 004). Canada Trust (Institution Number: 509) remains a separate subsidiary entity. It has continued to be the issuer of accounts that were opened before TD and Canada Trust merged. Over the last decade, TD has slowly been phasing out the words “Canada Trust” from its logo online, in advertisements, on stationery and on merchandise. TD Canada is one of the largest providers of financial services in Canada. It serves over 10 million Canadians and runs an extensive network of 1,100 branches and 2,600 ATMs. Aside from brick and mortar branches and ATM spread across Canada, TD also operates with an extensive network of mobile mortgage specialists, financial planners, private bankers, investment advisers and portfolio managers. One of those facilities is TD EasyWeb. It is the online banking channel for TD customers. EasyWeb allows users to perform transactions, manage bills, update personal information, manage investments, and view banking histories online. EasyWeb users can utilize most of TD’s features from the comfort of their homes without stepping into a branch. Let’s find out more about it.

TD EasyWeb: All You Need to Know

Is TD EasyWeb secure?

When it comes to handling your money through online channels, security is a very important factor. EasyWeb’s platform is very secure. EasyWeb works with 128 bit encryption, the highest level of security available in the field which protects the confidentiality of your account information and the integrity of all your transactions. In order to gain access to your account, you will need to get a TD Canada Trust Access Card and a confidential EasyWeb password. You receive this password upon signing up with EasyWeb. Your confidential EasyWeb password ensures that no one else can gain access to your account. So make sure that you keep it safe and secure. Don’t make it very simple and easy to guess either. The EasyWeb Security Guarantee guarantees a 100% reimbursement in the event of a loss caused by unauthorized EasyWeb activity. Additional security safeguards are also present to ensure that your personal details are fully secure. TD Canada’s advanced security systems ensure that you can perform online transactions without any fear.

How do I access TD EasyWeb?

You don’t even need to be very tech savvy (though it helps) to access your EasyWeb account. Here is all you need to login:

  • Username or the numbers shown on your TD Canada Trust Access Card. Remember not to use any spaces or dashes
  • Ensure that your web browser supports 128 bit encryption.

If you meet those requirements, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to EasyWeb registration
  • Enter personal details
  • Confirm your identity
  • Create a username and password (To strengthen your password, include both upper and lower-case letters, as well as special characters such as !, ? or @).
  • Confirm and complete. It’s recommended to change your password every 90 days.

What browsers work best with TD EasyWeb?

EasyWeb has been optimized to work perfectly with most of the popular web browsers:

  • Chrome latest version
  • Firefox latest version
  • Edge (2 most recent versions)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 11
  • Safari (Mac) (2 most recent major versions)

How much does TD EasyWeb cost?

You don’t need to pay any type of access fee for using EasyWeb or viewing your account balance. Transaction charges might apply based on your account type and minimum balance rules.

How do I register for TD EasyWeb?

You can register for TD EasyWeb online in just a few minutes. You can also do so by visiting your nearest TD Canada Trust branch. After you receive your Username or Access Card and EasyWeb password, you can start banking online right away.

So that was a basic look at the features and options available on TD EasyWeb. If you are an existing or potential TD Canada Trust customer, you should seriously consider signing up for TD EasyWeb since it makes the entire banking experience much better and more convenient.

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