Expedia For TD: How It Works Beautifully With TD Rewards Credit Cards While Travelling

Everyone knows that they can hit up Expedia to book flights and hotels but what happens when you combine their services with TD Bank? The “Expedia For TD” is now born and the website generates travel services, redemption points and deals to users with credit cards! But keep in mind, you need to book via the same and pay with a TD credit card. Here’s how it works and all the rewards that’s in store for you: Expedia for TD is available across all major cities in Canada.

Expedia For TD: How It Works Beautifully With TD Rewards Credit Cards While Travelling

What is “Expedia For TD”?

“Expedia For TD” is an exclusive part of Toronto-Dominion Bank’s or (TD Bank’s) Reward Points. Those who earn TD Points or TD Rewards Points get exclusive access to “Expedia for TD” as part of the TD Rewards Program or TD Travel Rewards Program1.

  • Using “Expedia For TD” makes it easy for people to book the travel and earn TD Points or TD Rewards Points fast. 
  • It also makes it able for you to redeem your existing TD Points or TD Rewards Points for that travel purchase. 
  • The point you collect or TD Points can be used to redeem merchandise, gift cards, cash and, importantly travel points. 
  • One cool factor is the fact that the TD travel program is flexible. It allows you to use your Points to book your flights and hotels, cruises and excursions directly with any provider you like. You can use your TD Points for these purchases, even up to 90 days after the fact. (But keep in mind that when you book through “Expedia For TD”, your points have to be redeemed at the time of purchase.)

How does “Expedia For TD” work? 

As you log into “Expedia For TD”, you’ll find a TD version of the Expedia site. There you can “cash in” your points or TD Points for flights, hotels, car rentals and more, but the real incentives come via redemption rate, flexibility, and earnings.

Redemption Rate: 

If you redeem through Expedia For TD, it doesn’t matter what you’re about to book, your redemption rate is $0.005 per point. Compared to other non-travel rewards, this rate is much better. 


You can collect within the TD Rewards environment and also outside of it simultaneously. What’s cool is when you use TD Points on purchases at “Expedia For TD”, you can still collect from your separate airline rewards program. 

Secondly, if you are a TD credit cardholder, when using this program it assigns bonus points, which can multiply—sometimes dramatically—the number of TD Points you earn on travel purchases. So you don’t have to wait until you’ve racked up thousands of Points to redeem: you can start using your Points as soon as you’ve accumulated 200. 

Are there any disadvantages while using “Expedia For TD”?

“Expedia For TD” comes with a caveat: even though it assures a price guarantee, know that it is time-limited. Expedia will only refund the difference on a flight and hotel package within 24 hours of booking, or a hotel rate up to 48 hours before you check-in.

What’s the difference between “Expedia.ca” and “Expedia For TD”?

ExpediaForTD.com is a website exclusively available to TD Credit Cardholders who earn TD Points. It offers the same travel available on Expedia.ca with the added benefit that travel purchases made through the site earn TD Points fast. Expedia For TD is also accessible by phone!

How to use “Expedia For TD” with credit cards in Canada

“Expedia For TD” is available to you if you hold any of the following TD Rewards credit cards listed below.

In short, if you hate paying an annual fee then get the TD Rewards Visa but if you have the money from a business to run get the TD Business Travel Visa. 

Going even higher up, if you can afford to pay a $120 annual fee and the minimum income of $60,000 doesn’t disqualify you, the First Class Travel Visa is the best way to cash in on the program. At the same time, the TD Platinum Travel Visa also does a good job with no income requirement and a lower annual fee.

  1. TD Platinum Travel Visa Card

At a glance:

  • Annual fee: $89
  • Credit Limit is $1,000 minimum 
  • Earn 3 TD Rewards Points for every $1 in grocery purchases and regularly recurring bill payments.
  • Earn 5 TD Rewards Points for every $1 when you book travel online through ExpediaForTD.com.
  • Earn 2 TD Rewards Points for every $1 you spend on all other purchases.
  • If you choose to book your trip through “Expedia For TD” then you maximize the number of TD Rewards Points you can earn on your travel purchases.
  • A suite of travel insurance: Travel benefits including travel accident, trip delay and lost baggage insurance; auto rental collision and loss damage coverage; discounts for Priority Pass for airport lounge access, and at Avis and Budget Rent A Car.
  • The Platinum Travel Visa has no minimum annual income requirement. For $89 annually, this product lets you earn the points mentioned above. 
  • Welcome bonus: Earn up to 30,000 Points (15,000 on first purchase and get a welcome bonus of 5 times the Points up to 15,000 in the first 3 months); annual fee for the first year waived. 
  • Additional benefits: Based on the approximate monthly spend of $10,000, in one year you could earn: 345,000.
  • TD Rewards Points in your first year (includes bonus points of 15,000 TD Rewards Points when you make your first purchase with your card and assumes that you have earned the maximum of 30,000 TD Rewards Points per month by reaching cap of 10,000 TD Rewards Points in each of the first 3 months when you spend a minimum of $500 per month). 
  1. TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card

The First Class Travel Visa Infinite has a minimum annual income requirement of $60,000 and carries an annual fee of $120, though new applicants can have the first year waived. While this is a solid travel rewards card, new applicants in particular will benefit greatly from the welcome bonus. 

TD clients with an All-Inclusive banking account may be able to get the $120 annual fee waived on an ongoing basis, so it’s worth speaking with a representative before you sign up. Frequent travellers who are comfortable shopping through the ExpediaforTD.com portal will get the highest earn rate on travel spends and, at a return of 4.5%** (9 Points per dollar), the savings will be noticeable. The included insurance package can also help you save a bundle.

At a glance: 

  • Annual fee: $120
  • Credit Limit is $5,000 minimum.
  • With this card, there are no travel blackouts, no seat restrictions and your points never expire, so there’s no pressure to redeem
  • Redeem TD Points for travel and travel-related purchases made at ExpediaforTD.com earn 9 TD Points per dollar, which works out to a 4.5% return. If you call the program and book on the phone, it’s 6 Points per dollar (3% return), and travel spends elsewhere earn 3 TD Points per dollar—the same rate as on everyday spends in all other categories. 
  • It has an extensive suite of travel insurance benefits including medical, trip interruption and automotive, and while it fails to offer airport lounge access, it does entitle you to a discount.
  • Welcome bonus: Annual fee waived for the first year; up to 80,000 TD Points (20,000 when you make your first purchase, and an additional 5 times via TD Points on all purchases in the first 3 months up to a total of 60,000 Points)
  • Additional perks: Travel insurance including travel medical up to $1 million, trip cancellation or interruption, travel accident, travel assistance and lost or delayed luggage coverage; auto rental collision/loss damage insurance; discounts with Priority Pass for airport lounge access and at Avis and Budget Rent A Car; purchase protection and extended warranty. 
  1. TD Rewards Visa Card

If you hate annual fees, then the TD Rewards Visa is perfect. It helps you bump up your TD Points by offering 3 Points per dollar spent at ExpediaForTD.com, 2 Points per dollar spent on groceries and restaurants, and 1 Point per dollar everywhere else. Though not quite as generous in rewards as the other cards in this article, the 3 Point:$1 ratio on travel purchases through the online portal results in a 1.5% return—far better than available on most other no-fee cards. This card does not include travel insurance, but it gives cardholders a discount on Priority Pass for airport lounge access, and at Avis and Budget Rent A Car.

At a glance: 

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Welcome bonus: Get 10,000 TD Rewards Points when you spend $1000 within 3 months of opening your account; plus earn 2,500 TD Rewards Points if you add an authorized user to your account by March 2, 2020; receive 2,500 points for signing up for electronic statements before March 2, 2020.
  • Additional perks: Discounts on Priority Pass, and Avis and Budget Rent A Car; purchase security and extended warranty.
  1. TD Business Travel Visa Card

This card, not surprisingly, is geared towards business travel. For $149 annually, it delivers the same robust earn rates as the First Class Travel Visa Infinite and includes a very strong suite of travel insurance: including up to $2 million in travel medical insurance, trip delay, travel accident and delayed baggage coverage; car rental collision protection; discounts on Priority Pass membership for airport lounge access, at Avis and Budget Rent A Car. 

At a glance:

  • Annual fee: $149
  • Credit Limit is $1,000 minimum    
  • Earn 9 TD Rewards Points when you book travel online through ExpediaForTD.com. 
  • Earn 6 TD Rewards Points for every $1 you spend on Foreign Currency Purchases, Restaurant Purchases and regularly recurring bill payments made on your card
  • Earn 2 TD Rewards Points for every $1 you spend on all other business purchases. 
  • Enjoy ExpediaForTD.com, your exclusive travel booking site with special offers designed to earn the most rewards points and get the best point redemption value.
  • No travel blackouts, no seat restrictions and no expiry for your TD Rewards Points. 
  • Transform your everyday business purchases into TD Rewards Points that you can also redeem for retail business merchandise, gift cards and more.
  • Business perks: includes the TD Card Management Tool to help with reviewing your business expenses, accessing online reporting, managing your existing credit limits and applying spend controls.
  • Get access to an extensive suite of travel insurance.
  • Welcome bonus: 30,000 Points on first purchase, you could earn 510,000 TD Rewards Points in your first year. 
  • Added incentive: Visa SavingsEdge program, which entitles the cardholder to discounts on business purchases made under the same. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re confused by these 4 great options, know that every card in the TD Travel Rewards program is going to go a long way and as always the best option will depend on your needs. Who knows, your Expedia for TD rewards might help you finance your next trip to Edmonton.

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