Binance Launchpad Versus Launchpool: the Two Promising Platforms for Crypto Start-ups

Binance Launchpad is one of the leading initial exchange offering (IEO) platforms where users can earn rewards in the form of tokens by fundraising for new projects. The number of tokens, however, depends on the crypto’s worth and overall performance. On the other side, Binance Launchpool is an exchange-based liquidity farming service where users can earn revenue by staking their cryptos in the exchange for cryptos earned through new projects. After the staking period is over, the users get back their investments along with the newly acquired reward tokens.

Launchpad and Launchpool are similar to one another in many ways. Both services are owned and governed by Binance which seeks to support and create awareness about promising crypto start-ups. They both provide early access to users so that they can yield revenues through fundraising services. Both the platforms also help new users in launching their projects through marketing and media besides assisting them in fundraising strategies. However, there are a few dissimilarities like Launchpad invests in projects before launch but Launchpool requires users to stake tokens to earn new ones. Discover two promising platforms dedicated to crypto startups by reading below.

About Binance Launchpad

Binance was the one who initiated IEO first in 2019 through its Launchpad which represented an exclusive token launch platform for new blockchain projects. With IEO, crowdfunding became easier, safer, quicker and more reliable than ever before for both blockchain developers and investors. With Binance Launchpad IEO, a new era for cryptocurrency began in which projects can raise funds while users support the projects in a safer and more rewarding way.

Advantages of Binance Launchpad

New tokens are allowed to launch on a reputed platform

As discussed, Launchpad helps new projects to raise funds or capital for their project through a reputable platform that is been used by millions of people worldwide. Since Binance is one of the leading exchanges, it has an access to many investors and crypto holders who would love to invest in Binance-backed projects.

Users are protected from fraud

Binance Launchpad takes utmost care of new project developers through its security systems. Crypto projects launched through Binance Launchpad involve fundraising programs without worrying about cybersecurity or other network risks. Alongside, investors also feel safe while investing their money in new projects linked to Binance Launchpad.

Deserving projects get a good exposure

If a new project is launched in Binance Launchpad, it is expected to be well-deserving due to high scrutiny and verification done by the Binance platform. When the projects are found deserving and launched, they get exposure to millions of investors worldwide who are attached to the Binance community. As a result, the project gets good liquidity due to various trading pairs.

Initial token distribution is given in a fair manner

Binance Launchpad allocates tokens through a lottery mechanism. A snapshot of eligible investors’ BNB holdings during a certain time period, which completely depends on the sale, is taken after a new IEO is launched. Following the BNB holding period, participants will see a claim ticket button for 24 hours to validate their lottery tickets. The lottery will then begin, and the holders will automatically be able to participate in the IEO in exchange for BNB tokens. The number of tokens that investors may retain is based on the total amount invested, subject to individual limitations.

Long-term revenues to investors and project developers

Binance Launchpad has completed several projects launch to date and raised millions of funds through it. Consequently, participants, both investors and project developers have also earned remarkably over time. Although the result of every project depends on its scalability and other factors, most of the projects have seen major success quickly after the launch.

About Binance Launchpool

Created in September 2020, Binance Launchpool excels in yield farming by combining Defi best practices with the convenience and security system of centralised exchange Binance. The Launchpool allows users to farm new tokens or acquire new assets by staking their BNB, BUSD or other cryptos at zero cost. While Launchpad is like a token purchase action for the crypto holder, Launchpool offers holders rewards at no cost.

Advantages of Binance Launchpool

A simple way to earn big

Binance Launchpool mechanisms are simple to understand as you just need to deposit new tokens in a pool of funds to earn new tokens. Daily tokens will be earned in proportion to the number of tokens deposited by you into the pool as compared to those deposited by other pool participants. Once the pre-determined period is over which is usually thirty days, you will get new tokens. To earn from Launchpool, all you need to do is create an account in the Binance platform and deposit tokens supported by the pool.

Flexibility in controlling and earning assets

The tokens which are collected in the Launchpool are calculated on an hourly basis while the pending rewards can be harvested at any moment. Launchpool allows you to stake coins to farm new ones. Through it, you get tokens that you have staked initially apart from the new ones. The platform also allows you to withdraw your pooled fund whenever you wish to.

Promising projects are supported by Binance Launchpool

Similar to the Binance Launchpad where new projects are featured and assisted by the Binance support team, Launchpool offers advisory services to the users such as how and when will promising projects launch. The extensive community of the platform further spread information about new projects through the spread of the word.

Growth for both project owners and investors

As Binance Launchpool benefits new project backers and the community as a whole, many top-performing tokens launched in the Launchpool have grown significantly over time.

Key takeaway

After reading about the benefits provided by the two promising platforms for the start-ups, you must have understood that Binance is trying to build an ecosystem of services through which the crypto community, holder, trader or blockchain developers get benefitted. Both the Launchpad and Launchpool platforms aim to support the crypto world differently but help promising projects get exposure to the wider community comprising Binance users. While start-ups benefit the most through new project launch and pooling, investors and token holders ensure yielding rewards continuously and effortlessly through the respective platforms.

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